Influencer Analytics Report

Optimize your influencer marketing campaign with our industry expertise, technology, data, analytics, and network of influencers.

In-depth Account Analytics
for Successful Influencer Campaigns

Analyze social media influencers and get statistics for any account and channel. Use powerful account analytics to understand how quality their audience is. Examine all the necessary data to choose the best influencer for your marketing campaign.

Based on open data and AI technologies

Best fraud-detection

Accurate audience

Instagram Account Analytics

Analyze Instagram influencers with over 35 valuable metrics like engagement rate, follower growth, and comments authenticity. Avoid fake influencers and partner only with authentic Instagram creators.

Basic Info & Contacts

Audience Demographics

Engagement & Fraud Analysis

Youtube Channel Analytics

Check video statistics for any YouTube channel. Explore over 17 metrics that matter to analyze influencers in great detail. Use these insights to choose the perfect creator for your campaign.

Basic Info & Contacts

Audience Demographics

Channel Perfromance

TikTok Account Analytics

Check TikTok stats and analytics for any creator and get insights into their audience demographics, engagement, video, and hashtag challenge performance. Use over 20 metrics to analyze TikTok creators and understand how their content performs.

Basic Info & Contacts

Audience Demographics

Account Performance

Explore key features of our influencer analytics reports

Influencer Location and Contact Details

Find where an influencer lives and their contact details. KOLHUB’s analytics reports provide you with influencer’s location and contact information, so you can reach out to them.

Accurate Audience Demographics

Get precise information about the audience of any influencer, including their location, age and gender distribution, languages, and ethnicity.

Best-in-Class Fraud Detection Solution

Reveal fake influencers with ease. KOLHUB uses a trained machine learning model that relies on more than 53 patterns to detect low-quality audiences. By analyzing multiple criteria, like follower growth and engagement authenticity, we provide you with accurate quality analysis to help you assess influencers and their audience.

In-depth Engagement Analyses

The engagement section of the report provides data on an influencer’s Engagement Rate in relation to the industry benchmark. KOLHUB is the only tool that checks engagement authenticity and detects Engagement Pods.

Instagram Growth Analyses

With Instagram followers growth analyses, you’ll get historical data on an influencer’s audience growth. To help you understand the graph better, we have implemented an automatic graph analysis performed by our machine learning algorithm.

Account Quality Score

Analyze the quality of Instagram accounts. For each platform, KOLHUB uses specific metrics to assess the profile’s quality. Each score is a compound metric based on a scale of 1 to 100.

Content Analysis

Find out which brands an influencer mentioned in their content. Understand what content creator’s audiences might be interested in and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.