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TikTok Shop Partner

As the TikTok Shop Partner of the global leading social media platform TikTok, KOLHUB is able to do everything!

We will help you venture into a new opportunity. We can help you find the right creator and create the right content for your brand. Accompanied with building your e-commerce presence on TikTok, what’s stopping you from reaching the TOP?



Let your brand explore the Live Shopping trend, engaging with more audiences. Create authentic connections with your audience while seamlessly promoting your products.

Utilize the era of social media at your convenience!

Why You Need TikTok Shop

Expanded Reach and Brand Visibility

TikTok offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase brand reach and visibility. By integrating your products into TikTok Shop, your brand may reach a wider audience and stimulate interest in your products.

Seamless Shopping Experience

TikTok Shop’s integrated shopping feature gives users a smooth purchase experience. With a few clicks, viewers can easily go from watching fascinating content to browsing and purchasing products they see in videos.

Data-Driven Marketing Insights

KOLHUB will assist you in accessing data analysis such as views, clicks, and conversion rates to assess the performance of your brand’s products and marketing campaigns. This data-driven strategy enables your brand to improve marketing and adjust services to your audience’s requirements.

Influencer Marketing Opportunities

By collaborating with influencers, brands can use their influence and reputation to sell items via live streaming on TikTok Shop, increasing sales and brand credibility.

Shoppable Ads & Product Tags

TikTok enables shoppable advertisements and product tags, allowing brands to tag specific products in their videos. When viewers find a product they like, they may click on the yellow bag below to purchase without leaving TikTok. This simplicity leads to higher conversion rates and instant delight for customers.

Analyse Customer Personalised Recommendations

TikTok’s algorithm uses machine learning to analyze user preferences and behavior. This enables the platform to provide tailored product recommendations to consumers based on their preferences and previous interactions. In this way, your brand products could be easily recommended to your targeted audience feed page.



We offer top-tier TikTok Live Streaming services tailored for brands looking to enhance their digital presence and engage with their audience in real-time. Partner with us to leverage the dynamic potential of Live Streaming and TikTok Shop to drive impactful interactions with your target audience.

TikTok Content Management

KOLHUB will manage your TikTok content to attract unbelievable traffic with trendy innovative short videos!



You can’t get anywhere without good content!

Let KOLHUB boost your brand visibility and sales to the maximum capacity with quality content accompanied by quality content creators.

What It Takes To Connect With Your Audiences via TikTok?


Understanding your audience is important as it determines your direction. Make sure your brand knows what target audience are they focusing on.


The key to creating the best content is to remember that it’s all about your customer, their problems, and how you can help solve them. Create engaging contents!


Following on creating content/ solutions for your customer, remember to follow the trend. The trend may be the key to bring traffic for your brand.

Tap into the Full Potential of TikTok!

Connect your brand with TikTok and utilize their never ending user base to your advantage. Team up with content creators to promote your products and build brand credibility.

Let’s spice things up for your brand!

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