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Nano – 1K – 15K Followers

Micro – 15K – 100K Followers

Macro – 100K – 300K Followers

Mega – 300k+ Followers

To join us as influencer, you must be 18 years old and above, and you must have your own bank account. You are unable to use the bank account that owned by your parents, your siblings, or even your guardian.

In addition, your Instagram account must have minimum 1000 followers and above.

  1. Download and sign up an account through KOLHUB app
  2. Update your personal details in KOLHUB app
  3. There will be ongoing campaigns showing on your dashboard
  4. Apply the job through app and you will receive the product sample if you are selected by the brand
  5. Create and submit draft to get approval from brand owner
  6. Create posting on Instagram or particular social media and monitor the result
  7. Get paid within 45 working days

By joining KOLHUB campaigns, you will gain access to the influencer and KOLs community. There will also webinar and experience sharing by other influencers from time to time.

Campaigns would usually consist of promoting the brand’s product or service (based on the brands’ requirement and specification). They may include any of the following exciting activities and opportunities:

  • New product launches: This could include behind-the-scenes event invitations, previews, product photos, user trials, etc.
  • Contests: This could include influencer contests and follower participation competitions, or the use of hashtags
  • Promotions: Special deals, sales, or discounts, usually tagged to a unique hashtag or code
  • Live commerce: Conduct and sell companies’ products through live sessions

Kindly ensure that your profile details in KOLHUB app are always up to date so that our team can reach out to you easily. You may contact our admin at Telegram (@kolhub_my) when you would like to amend any details of your profile. Please do take note that if you did not keep your data up to date and our team unable to reach you, you will get disqualified from that particular campaign.

Once your draft has been submitted, kindly allow at least 7 working days for brand to go through and approve your draft. And for sure, we will always remind our brand to approve it as soon as they can. Thank you in advance for your patient with us.

Not to worry and keep calm! You may reach us out on Telegram (@kolhub_my) and our admin will guide you on the steps to resubmit the draft.

We do not recommend influencers to cancel applications after you had submitted the request unless there’s acceptable reasons provided. In case if you really need to excuse yourself from the campaign with acceptable reasons, kindly contact our admin via Telegram (@kolhub_my) and our admin will remove your application for that particular campaign.

If the influencer request cancellations for more than two (2) times, your scoring will decrease and it will affect the chance on getting campaigns with us.

After you had submitted the application, our brand owner will proceed with the talent screening within 14 working days. You may check your application status via KOLHUB app (the campaign will appear under “Approved” tab), and our team will also send you a friendly reminder through WhatsApp.

However, please do not get discouraged if you are not being chosen for campaigns. You may still standby yourself for that particular campaign in case there’s any last-minute changes on other influencer.

Influencers will look for KOLHUB directly instead of looking to the brand itself. If influencers look for brands directly, the particular influencer will get penalty and they will have lesser chance to get campaigns from us.

Payment for campaigns will be reflected in your bank account within 45 working days. Kindly ensure that the bank account details which you had submitted is the correct details in order to avoid any confusion.

Also, kindly do not hide your like counts for the campaign as it affects our process to proceed with your payment.


  • Effectiveness with Influencer and CampaignManagement Tools
  • Connecting your brand with audiences via influencial power
  • Experienced in campaign strategy planning
  • Advanced fraud detection system

Influencers will create the content to promote your brand, and it will attract not only your social media followers but also theirs. This helps you to increase your brand awareness by reaching new audiences. Thye also drives traffic to your website by adding links to their posts.

  • Enhance your influencer marketing strategies with market analysis
  • Discover perfectly matched influencers
  • Account analytics over 40 in-depth metrics benchmarks 
  • Plan, manage and track your influence campaigns with AI features 
  • Full report with essential information about your campaign
  • First, click here to contact us
  • Let us know what is your objective and projected outcomes
  • The proposal will be provided in 3 working days
  • Once confirm, influencers will start creating and share the content
  • A full report will be sent to the company once the campaign is done

We believe that transparency is the key to trust, all of the campaigns that are running, all the reach and engagement data is direct from the social media platform and all data is transparent.

We support most of the social media, including Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and TikTok and etc. Contact us for more information.

We serve as the middleman between the influencers and the brands.


  • We plan – Once confirmed, one of our experts will at campaigns development from proposal to execution
  • We create – Our ideation process is based on strategic rationale and all content creation must be result-oriented
  • We discover – We identify the influencers that fir your brand and campaign goal
  • We amplify – We amplify effectiveness with solutions  that work for your brand
  • We assess –  A campaign is not complete till we submit the full assessment report.
  • Instagram – Enables brand to leverage influencers’ unique ability to influence others, well-established credibility with audience.
  • TikTok – enables brands to partner with TikToker to create and share sponsored content with their audience 
  • Linkedin – gives you a platform that makes you a much more credible ‘thought leader’ and double your followers in just a number of days
  • Youtube – Presents the opportunity for brands to deepen their connection with consumers through storytelling and education by influencer
  • Live Commerce –  Allow brand promoting and selling goods through influencer streams on their own social media channels
  • Video Production – Win more clients for the brand with 30s strategy videos through influencer 

We provide the market analysis service where this speeds up data collection and analysis, enhances your influencer marketing strategy. This market analysis included: Industry analysis, competitor analysis, competitor comparison, audience overlap, trends analysis, and content analysis to make sure the effectiveness of every campaign.

Certainly, provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose influencers that match your industry category, brand, and budget. We will be happy to reach out to other influencers whom you are keen to work with and connect with them if they have not signed up on the platform.

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