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Connect With Your Target Audience With CPAS Ads

Targeting is one of the most valuable tools in a digital marketers’ toolbox. With targeting in performance marketing campaigns, including remarketing and prospecting, marketers can reach high-quality potential customers and encourage them to buy their products or services. With the right amount of customer data, these types of campaigns can be successful because they cut out low-potential customers. So, how can brands and retailers who rely on third-party e-commerce platforms utilise their customer data to develop successful targeting campaigns?

One such way is through Collaborative Platform Advertising Solution (CPAS) ads, also known as ‘collaborative ads’. CPAS ads make it simple for brands to run performance marketing campaigns while driving sales to their preferred retailers’ websites, such as Lazada and Shopee. CPAS ads, as the name suggests, are a collaboration between an e-commerce site and an advertising platform like Facebook. Facebook processes data provided by the e-commerce site and pushes personalised ads to users who match with the desired customer profile. To optimise your CPAS ads campaign, it’s best to partner with a CPAS agency with a proven track record of leveraging consumer data for more effective campaigns.

Develop Collaborative Ads On Facebook

In Thailand, Facebook is the top social media platform for brands and retailers to advertise their products. Brands and retailers that create official stores on Shopee and Lazada are given the option to create targeted ad campaigns using Facebook’s collaborative ads service. CPAS ads on Facebook work by utilising data from a customer’s behaviour on a third-party e-commerce site, including elements such as products viewed and products added to the shopping cart, among others. These data are usable through intuitive collaborative ads systems on Shopee and Lazada, which let marketers choose who to target, which products to display in the ads, and what promotions, if any, are available.

When your brand creates CPAS ads on Facebook, customers who meet your targeting criteria will start seeing your advertisements in their feeds, prompting them to click the ad to complete a sale. In this sense, CPAS ad services are mutually beneficial to the brand or retailer and Facebook, as Facebook gets the ad revenue and the retailers make the sales. Both Facebook and the retailer leverage their individual strengths to create revenue for each other.

Reap the Benefits of Using a CPAS Agency

CPAS ads are excellent drivers for sales because they target customers who have already shown interest in your brand or products, thus increasing high-quality traffic back to your e-commerce stores. Similarly, CPAS ads can also be used for prospecting new customers by targeting users with similar profiles as your current customers. That said, the keys to a successful collaborative advertising campaign are understanding the nuances involved in working with each platform, knowing your target audience, and creating attractive ads which encourage them to buy.

A reputable CPAS agency like KOLHUB will work with your brand to create high-conversion CPAS ad campaigns. The advertising experts at KOLHUB can analyse data from e-commerce players like Shopee and Lazada, choose the highest-value targeting criteria for your campaign, and incorporate cross-selling and up-selling strategies to enhance sales offtake further. Additionally, KOLHUB has expert copywriters on hand to make each advertisement grab the attention of your target audience. Start working with KOLHUB today and watch the conversion rates for your ad campaigns continue to rise.