Manage your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. KOLHUB provides all the features you need to manage and automate your campaign at every stage from influencer lists to a final campaign report.

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Marketing Experts

We created the influencer marketing services for the world’s most prominent brands.

We put together a solid campaign plan with brand’s objectives in mind, and manage influencers content strategy, ideation, optimization, and reporting at the end of the campaign.

We use our AI-powered Campaign Tracking to measure the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing campaign.

Let Our Influencer Marketing Team Help Your Business Growth

Submit your ideas here. We will discover the perfectly matched influencers for your brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Partner with KOLHUB’s network of diverse Influencers to create and distribute compelling sponsored content that tells your brand story, drives awareness, and engagement.

Our influencer marketing services team takes care of everything from strategic planning, compliance, payments, analytics, and reporting.

Our Services

Being an influencer shouldn’t be a solo journey. Network with your peers, engage with a community of like minded influencers while learning and advancing in your journey together.

Product Review

We offer brand’s products with review service, where the influencer will provide unboxing video and share through the influencer’s social media channel.

Live Streaming

We offer live streaming services to allow the brand to promote and selling goods through influencer streams to showcase the brand’s product and improve brand awareness and engagement. 

Content Post

We combine technology, experience, credibility, and creativity in order to realise your vision and tell your unique story.

Video Production

We offer 30s strategic video shooting with the influencer to win more clients for the brand.

Influencer Campaigns on TikTok, Reels, Stories and More.

KOLHUB is social media channel agnostic, allowing us to design and execute the right multi-platform
influencer marketing campaign based on your objectives.