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Boost Your Rankings with Link Building

By following a strategic approach to link building, brands of all kinds have the chance to hit the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This method works by creating high-quality content other people and websites want to share. As more links appear across the internet and lead back to your website, search engines recognise that your brand must offer valuable information to users. This results in your business experiencing increased visibility on the SERP, leading to a boost in brand awareness and organic traffic.

However, link building strategies are a two-way street. Not only do you want to create your own great content that others feel compelled to share, but you also want to link to media produced by like-minded businesses. These ‘natural link building’ strategies are mutually beneficial relationships that help your brand grow and enhance its standing within the industry. 

Grow With Backlinks That Enhance Your Reputation

Gaining backlinks isn’t difficult with the right approach. You can reach out to friends, family and past clients and get them to post links to your website where possible. You can also develop beneficial relationships in online communities and social media groups, gathering a wealth of testimonials and establishing your backlink network.

Creating a blog is another great idea. This gives you space to share your industry wisdom and engage your target market. If your content is regarded as an invaluable resource, relevant people are bound to naturally share it. Guest posting is also a proven link building strategy. This is where you use your status in the industry to create content for a different blog or publication. By linking to your website at the end of the article, it leads potential customers back to your business.

Benefit From Exceptional Link Building

It might seem strange for digital businesses, but a successful link building strategy requires you to contact relevant people directly. This is known as outreach link building and it can be a time-consuming process. This is because you have to spend considerable resources identifying outlets that both suit your content and agree to share it. From social media pages and influencers to professional networks and public relations agencies, strategically approaching these parties has the potential to boost your traffic.

Don’t let the outreach process intimidate you as the potential benefits from link building are huge. To do so, find the perfect website and ask them to include a link to your content. It’s always a good idea to write a personalised email that explains why your link provides benefits for both parties. As you successfully build up more links to your brand, search engines will consider your website to have great value for readers and rank it higher for relevant queries.

Use Backlinks to Build Your Reputation

Link building is a complex and labour-intensive task. By partnering with an experienced link building agency like KOLHUB, you can reap the benefits and still have time and energy to grow the rest of your business. As a leading link building agency in Malaysia, KOLHUB has spent years developing our approach, ensuring we know just the way to expand your brand’s reach and attract a boost in high-quality traffic.

Across a host of successful campaigns for many of Malaysia’s top businesses, KOLHUB’s talented team delve into the inner workings of your brand and discover what makes it special. This way, we can develop a powerful link building solution that’ll achieve fantastic results. We’ll also assess your content and keyword usage, making productive changes that’ll make our link building methods even more effective.