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Boost Sales With Google Shopping Strategies

Google Shopping provides a convenient online platform where people can search for products and compare prices across numerous digital retailers. Formally known as Google Product Search, it provides a simple approach for shrewd customers to unearth the best possible price. However, it’s important to realise that Google Shopping isn’t an online marketplace, but more of an advertising platform. For brands looking to reach their ideal customers, it offers a chance to serve targeted ads in both the main search engine and within Google’s shopping tab.

Google Shopping has proved to be highly valuable for online businesses. Part of the success of these campaigns comes from how you’re able to display so much more information about your products compared to standard text ads. Google Shopping ads can showcase images, product descriptions and prices, providing key information that encourages potential customers to convert. As people browsing Google Shopping are already displaying an intent to purchase, those who decide to visit your website have more information and a higher chance of converting.

Showcase Products To The Ideal Customers

A carefully considered Google Shopping campaign offers a variety of profitable possibilities for online stores. It means you can promote your business, display your best products, and increase traffic to both your digital and physical storefronts. To make the most of the platform, create a Google Merchant Center account via Google Ads and begin uploading your product data. Google will then create a campaign that’s tailored to your specific market, with the resulting advertisements being showcased to potentially hundreds of millions of people on the Google Display Network.

Backed by a dynamic ‘rich media’ format, Google Shopping ads now make up 76% of all retail search ad spend. In recent years, the service has boomed in popularity amongst marketers, as it provides customers with key information about products before they reach a brand’s website. Informed by titles, images, price, store star rating and special promotions, the customers that click through to your website are highly qualified leads that have a great chance of completing their purchase.

Dominate The Competiton with Google Shopping Ads

One of Google Shopping’s greatest strengths is that it’s free to list your advertisement. You’ll only pay when a user clicks to your website, with the cost of these clicks determined by your bidding strategy and campaign budget. To control the cost of your ad spend, decide on a daily budget that will achieve your brand’s goals. However, you’ll also have to weigh this up against the desired visibility of your products, as once your daily budget is reached, Google will stop serving your ads.

Retailers have to figure out their own bidding strategy and campaign budget. Across Manual CPC, Target ROAS (return on ad spend) or Enhanced CPC, depending on your products, industry and business goals, some strategies are more beneficial than others. Meanwhile, sellers can also choose how and where their e-commerce shopping ads are displayed, ranging from specific locations and ad groups to the type of device. With so many things to consider when planning a product marketing campaign, working with an expert Google Shopping agency like KOLHUB is one way to ensure success.

Develop Google Shopping Ads That Achieve Greatness

To make sure your business achieves its goals, working alongside an award-winning agency like KOLHUB is a smart decision. Our Google Shopping agency in Kuala Lumpur has led countless successful marketing campaigns, ensuring that our partner’s products and services reach their ideal target market. As we work with Google’s complex and ever-changing algorithms every day, we know what it takes to create appealing campaigns that convert customers.

Our refined approach sees us design eye-catching ads that are powered by data-driven targeting methods, while we’ll also develop a bidding campaign that ensures your budget’s potential is maximised. Plus, we’ll discover what makes your customers tick and use this information to help your brand stand out in a highly competitive online marketplace. If you choose to partner with KOLHUB, our powerful Google Shopping campaigns will not only drive your target market to purchase, but it’ll also reach new customers that help establish your brand’s long-term future.

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